Nokia Life

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Project Image

Nokia Life is designed to address information gaps so that consumers in emerging markets can be better informed and improve their livelihood, with targeted services for Healthcare, Agriculture, Education and Entertainment. A large selection of Nokia Series 30 and Series 40 devices offer the Nokia Life services.

Key job responsibilities:

  • ➢ Setting up the developer environment for SCM tools like GIT and code review tools like Gerrit
  • ➢ Generate release artifacts using build tools like Maven
  • ➢ Setting up various Continuous Integration build jobs on Jenkins
  • ➢ Interfacing with developers and QA team before releasing the build to Staging/Production servers
  • ➢ Debug and resolve issues found on Maven builds
  • ➢ Creation of Release Code Lines for different branches
  • ➢ Install and configure static code analysis tools like Sonar and Coverity for better code quality

Project detail

  • Company: Nokia Pvt Ltd
  • Designation: Senior Release Engineer
  • From Date: September 2012
  • To Date: June 2013
  • URL: Project URL