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Motoactv is a sophisticated fitness tracker, smart music player and revolutionary training system perfect for athletes who want to train on various activities like running cycling walking etc. MOTOACTV came in as a replacement to Garmin devices with inbuilt GPS for greater accuracy and MSP sensors to track the footsteps. The project Gault uses the Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 as its base and involved setting up Hudson jobs and creation of Signed builds before shipping the software to the end customers, after which a regular OTA updates were given as part of maintenance releases. The SP apk is generated on Hudson with a custom build script with proguard enabled.

Key job responsibilities:

  • ➢ Setting up various continuous and nightly build jobs on Hudson
  • ➢ Creation of ANT builds to generate individual release Apks which are published in Android market
  • ➢ Customizing the build scripts to suit the build environment
  • ➢ Creation of signed builds and signed delta packages for Over the Air updates
  • ➢ Helping the developers to setup build environment and investigating build failures
  • ➢ Resolving various Hudson build issues and interfacing with system admin to deploy the upgradation of software packages
  • ➢ Creation of various release branches and merging the branches manually if required
  • ➢ Training developers and other CM engineers for the use of source control and other related tools
  • ➢ Creation of various test plans like daily sanity or regression and assigning it to testers and helping the testers to execute the test cases

Project detail

  • Company: Motorola Mobility
  • Designation: Build and Release Engineer
  • From Date: March 2008
  • To Date: September 2012
  • URL: Project URL